HFK 90.1 M/S 40
S1:1.7 kW


Oil-air min-1 60.000

CC-Grease min-1 50.000

Grease min-1 42.000


Power S6-40% kW 2,2

S1-100% kW 1,7

Speed S6-40% Nm 0,43

S1-100% Nm 0,33

Qty. of bearings 4




(B)BT / SK B -

Capto Y ER16 / max. 10,0mm

Collet S -

Grinding arbor D auf Anfrage

Spindle Ø mm 90

Spindle length mm 259

Spindle weight kg 7,1-8,6

Motor voltage / Poles V 230V / 2

Spindle cooling ~O~

Options CP; CC ; CCP

Encoder V OpenLoop

The water cooled HFK 90.1 M/S 40 motor spindle is a combination of speed and power either for micro application or for mold and die industries. The integrated water cooling guarantees a high process stability and surface quality even in multi shift operation.

The adaptive motor spindle can be either plugged in with a SK or HSK taper. It increases top speed up to 60.000 RPM with oil-air lubricated bearings. With grease packed bearings up to 50.000 RPM. The main spindle is not in operation at this time.

The collet system ER16 and the power up to 1,3 kW make it possible to engrave, fine roughing, finishing and grinding.
The optional tooling system HSK-C makes it possible to change preset tool holders.

The key-turn system comes with the control unit for either manual or CNC control and with a supply unit.